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Fair Hearing Request Form
Office of Administrative Hearings
P.O. BOX 1930
Albany, NY 12201-1930
Fax:(518) 473-6735
Note: For security purposes, you have 15 minutes to complete this form, otherwise your request will not be received and you will need to start over.
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Case Information
(If fair hearing is for someone other than the case name, describe who it is for in the comments box below.)
(If yes, please explain the client’s reason for being homebound in the Comments box below, and mail medical documentation to the above address. Do not delay submitting this fair hearing request form to obtain medical documentation.)
Mark the days or times you or your representative cannot participate in a hearing and explain in the comment box below. We will not restrict the scheduling of the hearing unless an explaination is provided.
Representative/Requestor Information
(If there is a representative or you are NOT the person listed above.)
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Enter comments to clarify information on this page including the reason for being homebound, additional mailing addresses, phone numbers and extensions, reason for restrictions, need to expedite a Medicaid hearing, etc. Later, you will have an opportunity to describe the reason you are asking for a fair hearing.

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